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3 Reasons To Use Unscented Goat Milk Soap

Why is everyone obsessed with goat milk soap?

Ok so YOU may not have actually asked yourself this question before, but I have and people ask me all the time!

The first time we set our Unscented Goat Milk bars out at the market, a lady (that I don't ever remember seeing before) came into our booth, scanned the tables, went straight for the unscented goatmilk bars, grabbed what she could hold, paid and left faster than we could blink!

We both just stood there for a second and thought "Wow, we should have made those sooner!"

We found out very quickly that if someone wants unscented goat milk bars that's ALL they want. Nothing less, nothing more.

So why goat milk and why unscented? Doesn't that seem a bit boring? No fun scent? No fun colors? And why GOAT?

Well, let me fill you in on a few great reasons why people often bulldoze their way to something that seems.......not so exciting.

Goat Milk Bar Benefits

One of my favorite things about milk bars is the amazing, creamy, luxurious lather. This can not be beat. It's so bubbly and soft to use.

Goat milk also has lots of vitamins and minerals such as vitamin A which can help maintain healthy skin.

It also contains Alpha Hydroxy Acids such as lactic acid which can help remove dead skin cells from your skins surface.

Sensitive Skin

One thing I didn't realize was going to be so prevalent among our customers was skin sensitivities. I'm always shocked at how many people come by our booth and say that they can't use anything with scent or added colors in their soap. In fact, most of them are afraid to use anything new, like our soaps, in fear of having a reaction to something. I had no idea there would be so many people say this!

One thing we always do is list EVERY ingredient and make sure that they are always available to our customers. We are not trying to hide anything. We want you to know what you are putting on your skin just as much as we like to know what we put on ours!

Goat milk is a great alternative to cow milk. Lots of people struggle with cow milk and as a result turn to goat milk instead so that they can still have the added benefits of the vitamins and minerals milk provides.

Natural/No Unnecessary Chemicals

Goat milk soaps are the most luxurious soap bars a person can use and they don't have anything extra in them that might make someone react badly such as synthetic elements that do not occur naturally in the earth, (ie sulphates) or more simply, artificial ingredients.

If someone tells me that they need a natural bar or that they have sensitive skin this is always where I send them. To the unscented goat milk bars and this is why people buy them in arm fulls!

Note: We also have a goatmilk soap that IS scented with a milk scent if you like the scented bars and don't have to watch out for sensitivities. Here.

Disclaimer. I am not a physician or allergist. I am not in any way claiming that these bars will heal any of your ailments!!

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