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always ready to help! Send Maegan an email at or fill out the form below.

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Do you do custom orders?

I absolutely do!! I love making custom orders. However, please NOTE that due to the process I use to make soap bars there is a 4-6 week wait. Cold-process soap bars need time to dry out or they won't last very long when used. Sort of like a fine wine, they have to age until they are just perfect. So please keep this in mind for custom orders. Your patience is appreciated!

Do you sell by the loaf?
Yes!  Loaves come at a slight discount for buying an entire loaf at once. Each loaf is pre-cut into 12-14 bars. Pricing varies. Feel free to contact me to request a packet for more information.
NOTE that due to the process I use to make soap bars there is a 4-6 week wait.

Are all of your products natural?

Since I got into this business with the intent of lessening the many chemicals in my everyday bath and body products many of my products are in fact natural. I do add some colors and scents that make my soaps and products a bit more enjoyable, but if you are wanting a natural bar be sure to check out our Unscented/Uncolored Goat Milk and Honey Bars!


Do you have a store?

At this time I do not have a physical store. You can order

on my website, by email, or by phone. Or you can come to find me at the many events and markets between the months of May to December. Check out the events page above or our Facebook page to find out more.



What is your return policy?

Due to the state of the product that I sell, I do not accept

returns. However, if you have a problem with your product PLEASE contact me within 30 days of receiving your product, and depending on your situation we will discuss the best course of action. 


What Our Customers Are Saying



"I always buy a soap to display in my bathroom. They don't just smell amazing but look amazing too!



"These soaps are so creative. I've never seen so many different designs and colors in soap bars!"



"I highly recommend their unscented goat milk bars for sensitive skin. I know what exactly is going on my skin with their ingredient lists and that's very important to me."



"I love stopping by their booth and smelling EVERY scent they have. It's hard to pick my favorite one."

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