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Beer Soap Bars

That's right we put beer in our soap!

Why you ask?

Well, if you compare our soap bars without beer and our soap bars with beer you might find that the beer bars have a much creamier and more luxurious lather!

That's basically it.

I know it doesn't sound as exciting as you might have expected, but it's still a pretty good reason to use our beer bars!


Also starting in 2023 our beer bars, which have very masculine scents, ingredients, and packaging, (making them great gifts for the man you have trouble buying for) will have bentonite clay in them.

Why bentonite clay you ask?

For one it adds a nice gray color to the soaps and adds to the activated charcoal in at least two of the different beer bars.

Second bentonite clay is a gray powder made from volcanic ash and is known for its ability to support natural detoxification.

And the idea of using volcanic ash in a soap sounds like it just goes with the manly beer theme that I had going. :)


Oakmoss and Cedar has a smoky musky smell. Like sitting in front of a campfire after rolling around in moss and leaves. Or something.

Fierce Scrub Bar has a manly musky smell as well. It is inspired by Abercrombie & Fitch's Fierce cologne scent. This bar is also a scrub bar. It is loaded with walnut shell powder and poppy seeds for an overall manly scrubby clean. (Disclaimer: Not the best for sensitive skin.)

(Fierce Scrub Bar pictured to the right)

Dirt was actually meant to be a joke the first time I made it and to help start conversations at markets, but it turns out that there are people that love the scent! Who knew? I have also had hunters buy the bar, but have not heard back about the results on that specific topic. Either way, it's a great bar for someone that likes a laugh or a novelty gift. It really does smell like dirt. I have had people say it smells like pond scum and some say it just smells earthy. This is definitely a bar you need to check out!

Tobacco Mint new in 2023 this bar was dreamed up by me (Maegan). I simply had these scents and wondered if they would work well together. I think it's a winner, and I can't wait to test it out with you all at the markets and craft shows.

~These scents are subject to change at any time. I may add some to the beer bar collection and I may take some away. Let me know if you want me to keep any specific scents around in the beer bars! Btw, it's hard to keep the Fierce Scrub Bar on hand because you guys love it so much. I promise to do my best!

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