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Cold Process Method?

What is the cold process method?

In soaping there are two ways to make soap.

Cold process versus hot process.

The basic difference between the two is simply how you choose to make your soap bars.

-Hot process soaps heat up from the outside in while cold process soaps heat up from the inside out.

-Hot process soaps use a method that includes forcing them to heat up before putting them in the mold and cold process soaps heat up naturally as they are hardening, while in the mold.

-Hot process soaps have a slightly more rustic textured look to them after hardening while cold process soaps have a smoother more sleek texture.

So the main differences between the two processes are the visual and the soap maker's technique. For the most part this is where the differences stop. There is not necessarily one better method than the other.

Why Did I Choose Cold Process?

I choose cold process because I like the different designs that it allows me to make when hot process is a little more limiting due to the rapid heating that occurs.

Basically, I have decided to go this route aesthetically. There is absolutely no difference in quality when using the soap bars of either method. Each method makes equally high quality soap bars, it's just a personal preference that each soap maker gets to choose for their unique business!!

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